Airport information and management system

AirLink is based on the principle of Collaborative Decision Making (CDM), introduced by Eurocontrol, which enables the sharing of more accurate and real-time information between stakeholders at the airport. As a result, efficiency of airport operations will improve.

Aside from the CDM modules, AirLink features numerous functionalities such as flight management and information sharing with stakeholders, videotext, terminal monitors and internet. The system can be used for financial management or can be linked to accounting software. AirLink can also be used to manage the airport agenda, issue and store daily duty reports and support technical services such as airport facility management.

When using AirLink, airport staff will have a uniform method for sharing the same information in real-time. This will result in improved efficiency of processes at the airport.

AirLink is a web-based service developed in cooperation with a regional airport where it has been recently become operational. In the forthcoming period the system will become operational at different airports. The modular setup enables airports to tailor AirLink to their specific local needs.

Since AirLink is especially developed for regional airports, the system is less complicated, thus requiring less investment than comparable systems designed for hub airports.






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